With a demure sophistication, its almond shaped elegance affords an intimate proposition. Sung to the tune of a bustling culture, yielding to its siren call of existential caution finds the experience most rewarding. Poised for the indulgence of the senses, the subtle nuances leave much to be discovered; the lip indentations, intuitive for the thumb and enlightenment; the male and female union of cup and saucer, are both inherent in form and function. Boasting an ergonomically tailored grip, the Pizzico (Pinch) is a deviation from the norm and a lavish deviant from tradition. One would not sip fine Cognac from a plastic cup, thus the Pizzico is a compliment paid in full to even the most scrutinizing of Espresso connoisseurs. With trueness to material and majestic design, the communion of vessel and appraiser reveres this art form with the utmost respect.
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