As a full time designer, I've only recently been taking my illustration work more seriously. Still searching for my "style" I've been honored and blessed with great opportunities to work with great people and companies. Please follow me on Twitter / Facebook / or my website
"Sho" x Mighty Fine x Marvel 
Shiny Phoenix - Available in Men's Tees, Women's Tees and Art Print
Shiny Rogue - Available in Men's Tees and Art Print
"Loki Helm" available in Men's Tees and Women's Tees 
Dark Knight Rises Art Tee Proposals for Warner Brothers Entertainment
The Dark Knight Rises - Tee Proposal
Bane - Dark Knight Rises Tee Proposals
"Three Laws" Ltd Gallery "Rayguns and Robots" Show
"Faction" Gallery 1988 Venice's "Old School Video Game Show"
Nyan Deco - Gallery 1988 Melrose "Memes" Show Prints Available
Alien Nouveau Tribute - "Sci Fi Lullabies" Show
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