I am so very humbled and grateful for having had the chance to work with such an amazing organization such as ESPN including all the divisions: ESPN.com, ESPN Social Media, ESPN TV.  Thanks to Julian Gompertz for taking a chance on me! and of course Creative Director Neil Jamieson for trusting me, giving me sage advice and helping me evolve and grow as a designer/illustrator. Here is a showcase of select projects I had the privilege of working on.
Working for ESPN social media, speed and accuracy was very important! Designs were often assigned with 18-24 hours turnover time, editing up to minutes of posting time and often art with both possible results were created but only one would be posted. ESPN social media following has more than 10+ Million followers.  
During events such as playoffs, team banners and wallpapers were created to increase fan engagement.  
Some projects would span the entire season with pieces created every week reflecting the week's events/standings. 
I was asked on multiple occasions to create branding and identity systems to supplement editorial articles. 
Sometimes graphics and art were created to supplement special ESPN television events. ex. World Cup of Hockey
Identity systems were created for articles and medias. 
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