UPDATE: What started as a single gig poster has now been bought by BS productions, you might be seeing this Pilot Mask more on their 2014 Tour :D 
One of my first forays into music gig art. This was an reinterpretation of their the pilot masks made popular during their 1978 album Never Say Die! 
Art Director: Zak Wilson
Venue: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Band: Black Sabbath 
Below are some different variations of the illustration design/usages. Photos below belong to their respective owners.
Copyright BS Productions Limited - Copyright BS Productions Limited – Use, Reproduction or distribution of the Artwork is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by BSP.
‪I have a bad habit of wearing shirts I design which is bad when I usually only have one copy. This piece is one of my exceptions, sadly framing it behind glass isn't so much to show it off but rather the only way to resist said temptation.
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