The job of a designer is to know and tailor their work to their target market. If you look at the rest of my portfolio you'll notice I draw alot of blood curdling aliens, robots and super heroes etc. So when I was contacted to work for a series for Hasbro and Licenseees I seriously felt out of my depth. Having not really watched the original series as a kid this was going to be a challenge but not one I would back down from. As I watched a few episodes and learned about the intrinsic qualities of story telling intriguing I soon learned more how there was a budding group called the Bronys who were the demographic of older males who liked the show. Not one to judge people on their unique affinities for things (especially being a pop culture artist) and having grown up surrounded by subcultures I soon found out that my own brother was a Brony so if I could create stuff that he would like then I was golden! 
My goal was to take something that was generally targeted for young girls, add some masculine overtones but not so much it would rob it of its original essence. Having an interest in creating bold sports logos I thought that would be a cool place to start. Here are the pieces I created! They were very successful and you can still get these as apparel pieces at We Love Fine.
I decided to carry these over into other aesthetics like Tattoo art. 
Even into something I found personally nostalgic PINBALLS! 
Even trendy fads like the "Harlem Shake"
Overall these projects taught me about moving out of your comfort zone and zeroing in on providing what the end consumer would love to own. 
All images were created by Samuel Ho for  © Hasbro Inc. All rights reserved.
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