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Perhaps some of you have noticed the logo in the middle of my “O” on the front page. Maybe your simply thinking oh what a hippie, he sure “hearts peace” then I’m glad that innocence of the world still pumps thick through your blood and there’s still hope for you yet. However if you have noticed a second cheeky meaning to the innocent looking logo then I’d be more than happy to explain.

I’m the guy in the group that likes telling stories, I’ve made a career of it through visuals and design! Contrary to popular belief my joke material is often tasteless, shocking or blue (or all three) rather than wry observation humor. I pride myself on getting a rise out of people and that means by any means necessary. So circa 2005 I’m telling my friends this joke and at the punchline, I find myself leaning into this vulgar hand/face gesture to add the little  je ne sais quoi to have my friends in stitches. In to the middle of my joke circle walks the girl I had fancied at the time, as her face soured in disgust I soon found my perverse expression deflating in embarrassment. With tongue still darted out, I frantically combed my catalogue of excuses, after all I cared about what she thought of me (up until this point mnemonically I was paired with words like sweet and too nice.) So grasping at whatever sideways semantic straws I could grab I blurted out “Victory is Delicious!” Ah So did I get the girl? No! turns out she was crazy! but then again I say that about all the girls I don’t get. However at that very moment it did save me and as I watched her “something stinks” face turn into a cute little smirk, I was onto something. Victory!

My first stab at this concept, I actually pitched to a t-shirt company, I found it fitting cause they featured a lot more dirtier words, dropping F bombs and shocking sexual imagery plastered all over the front and back of their tees, it was their shtick. Apparently my concept wasn’t dirty enough.

My second attempt pitched at another company was too dirty.  The owner of the company liked it and was on board (victory!) but it didn’t get past the creative director.

So to avoid pure novelty or being crass, I justify it by being a huge fan of playing with semantics and symbols. By reinterpreting symbols through form, cues and context, my little logo is by no means a stroke of genius, it is however a start.