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Though my own personal shop is still in the Works. Pieces I have done for galleries and T shirts of my work are available at the following shops:


Hydra – Limited Edition of 50


GALLERY 1988, Melrose and Venice





Nyan Deco – 20 limited edition signed prints available HERE





Spin – 35 signed and numbered limited edition prints of 35 available HERE Featured in ” I Know You Art, But What Am I?” Pee Wee Herman Tribute Show


LTD Gallery, Seattle




Three Laws – 10 limited edition prints (1 framed, 9 unframed) available HERE as part of the “Rayguns and Robots” classic sci-fiction tribute show













Open Edition Prints







First 23 Seconds – excerpt Open Edition Prints available HERE










Glass Skulls – Entrada Excerpt Open Edition Prints available HERE