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Every artist has their own process of how they create, because art is subjective there is no real one way to do things.¬†Periodically, I will post small breakdowns of my illustration process just to give you a glimpse of how I work. Warning: I’ll tell you right now, I don’t use a Wacom, I own a Intous 4 but it sadly collects dust cause I’m too much a creature of ¬†habit (however I do try to use it to use Painter once and a while). I write and draw left-handed but when it comes to drawing on my computer all my clicking is done with my right. I often sketch or use reference photos I take. On a pinch I’ve been known to lay something down on a scanner and have at it. I use a corded mouse cause I don’t trust wireless mouses no matter how far technology has come. The bezier tool is my best friend.

1.0 Vector Shoe Sketch