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Kaiju Hunting: Off Season

My obsession with Pacific Rim continues, this time I wanted to take a light hearted look the Jaegers on their off season when they aren’t battling the evil Kaiju.






“Tongue” for Weapon of Choice Show at the Hero Complex Gallery

For the Hero Complex Gallery‘s debut show “Weapon of Choice” at Design Matters Gallery (11527 Pico blvd, LA) I created my piece after the iconic xenomorph tongue which is obviously something that I hold dear to my heart (check out my other piece Alien Nouveau). I wanted to try a different color palette and gold came out on top. My piece “Tongue” will be available in a limited edition of 20 giclee prints. Adam and his team from Hero Complex Gallery have lined up a great line of killer artists and telling from the previews this show is going to be CRAZY!! So if your in the area, mark your calendars.


An asian inspired fish pattern for a scarf.

This select piece was inspired by a random article ( I can’t for the life of me find it) I read that mentioned that we have become a selfish ego driven society, that our assumptions is that we as individuals are the controllers of our natural world. Proposing that perhaps instead of simply drawing air into our lungs to live, it is the forces and energies of the natural scientific world that force air into our lungs and if we should resist we would be met with a swift demise. It was definitely some pretty spiritual heavy stuff that I probably misinterpreted, but it made me think of what would happen if we engaged in the act of some sport ie. kicking a soccer ball, that we didn’t simply run up to a ball and kick it, but rather in the moment of impact, our foot not only met up with the ball but all the forces of the natural world.

Under the nom de plume A.Dam these illustrations were made to graphically support a short story I had written depicting dreamscapes and alternative concepts of our reality. Heavy stuff.


Based in LA and Tokyo with collections by premier international artists, 2K by Gingham, is an amazing artist driven tee-shirt line, so its fitting I’m honored to have a few pieces under their collection. Get yours today! Here

SHO X 2K By Gingham

King Shirt

Buttons and Puffy


Yay! If you can’t tell through alot of my work asian culture has always been a fascination and not to mention part of my heritage. The lion dance is a celebration, welcoming wealth and good fortune, so I decided to bling it up and add my spin on it.