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I was recently asked by ESPN to create art covers for all 16 qualifiers for the 2014 NHL playoffs. Each piece featured a a star player and an action shot! This was a quick deadline but overall I’m happy with how they turned out. Here are a selection of the teams. You can view the full set on my Behance portfolio.

Blues_Oshie Boston_Chara Ducks_Getzlaf Hawks_Kane Penguins_Crosby


Developed for Palette Industries, this was a whimsical piece, that was eventually silk screened in gold leaf ink onto a red “buoy bench” this was the commentary:

According to the ultra modernist Adolf Loos any form of ornamental design was simply “a crime” claiming that it was wasted effort and rendering it easily obsolete. Contrary to Mr. Loos tireless efforts to squash ornament, Palette Industries has made it their mission to inject new meaning and purpose into so called “obsolete ornate” by including something timelessly true and steadfast, Identity.

As similar to Americans, Canadians seem, it is our subtle nuances which differentiates us from our brethren from the south. By creating an ornamental pattern that appears fairly common from afar, only upon closer inspection does one discover new meaning and humble symbols of our heritage. By creating a connection through inlaid elements of Canadiana, it is a gleaming example of how proud – in a humble way we are, and more importantly how we try not to take ourselves to seriously.