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ESPN – House of Guards

Who doesn’t like a good sports underdog story! Here is my new piece for ESPN celebrating the Wizards awesome first round win and moving on to the next round! not to mention parodying one of the best shows on Netflix! Woohoo! Featuring John Wall and Bradley Beal. ESPN FB link



Gallery 1988′s 10th Anniversary Show

For Gallery 1988′s 10 Anniversary Show “The Subtle Art of Pop Culture” I created a piece in homage to anatomy hand studies/drawings and one of my favorite directors. Can you guess the movies?

“Tarantino Hand Studies” – Limited Edition Giclee Print Available HERE 


Mint Condition Dark Knight Series

For Mint Condition at Ltd Art Gallery I will have two prints from my Dark Knight Series available.

“Dark Knight” - You can get a print HERE


“BANE” – You can get Print HERE


George R R Martin Presents Winter is Coming

George R. R. Martin presents “Winter is Coming” a tribute show for A Song of Fire and Ice at LTD Art Gallery in Seattle in conjunction with Emerald City Comicon.

Here is my piece “The Ruby Ford” you can purchase a limited edition print HERE


Slayer Gig Poster

Here’s a Slayer Poster gig I did for the Stage AE


Black Sabbath

Client: BS Productions / Livenation

Art Direction: Zak Wilson

Exciting News! My poster design/illustration for Black Sabbath will now be used to promote their 2014 Canadian / European Reunion Tour. This includes advertising/posters and merch. I’m really stoked as I’ve already seen it on posters in Europe and even a TV spot. The design is my reinterpretation of the iconic mask from their NEVER SAY DIE album (1978). Why this is significant is because this was the last album when all the original members were together including the prince of darkness himself Ozzy Osbourne. I feel honored and humbled to play a small part in what I consider musical history. If you see the image pop up anywhere please send me pics or let me know nosmallvictories(at)


Copyright BS Productions Limited

Copyright BS Productions Limited – Use, Reproduction or distribution of the Artwork is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by BSP.

Blurppy’s Poster Posse Project 4: 47 Ronin

Here is my piece for Blurppy’s 4th Poster Posse project. This project celebrates upcoming movies with a collection of art curated by The imagery in the movie looks really cool and can’t wait to see it when it comes out this Christmast.

Update: The director of the movie said he liked my piece on his twitter :)

47 Ronin

AMC’s The Walking Dead Art Show at the The Hero Complex Gallery

AMC and the Hero Complex Gallery has teamed up to bring the official “The Walking Dead” art show, my licensed piece is called “All We Do is Run” is a tribute to my favorite duo of the show, Glenn and Maggie, who have found love in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It will have a limited edition of 50 prints. The show runs Oct. 11 /2013. You can get yourself a copy at

Image Copyright 2013 AMC Film Holdings LLC

Image Copyright 2013 AMC Film Holdings LLC


Venue: The Loft, Peachtree City, GA

Band: Goblin

Art Director: Zak Wilson

Fans of the classic Italian horror movie director Dario Argento, might know who this band is. I created the gig poster for the historical first stop of the band Goblin’s first ever North American Tour. Happening Oct 1/2013 at the Loft in Peachtree City, GA. This was a whimsical challenge taking their mascot and creating a fun play of Horror Nouveau with visual cues from Argento’s most famous movies. (This is the no venue text version of the poster)


Kaiju Hunting: Off Season

My obsession with Pacific Rim continues, this time I wanted to take a light hearted look the Jaegers on their off season when they aren’t battling the evil Kaiju.






“Dawn” for Planet Pulp show at the Hero Complex Gallery

My piece for Planet Pulp’s RED show at Hero Complex Gallery now available HERE 

16 by 20 edition of 25


PACIFIC RIM! Fan art project for

“Nothing great ever happened without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

CHECKOUT BLURPPY POSTER PROJECT FOR PACIFIC RIM PART ONE / PART TWO has created a Poster Posse Project where international artists are given the task of interpreting highly anticipated movies that are about to come out. The first one earlier this year was World War Z, after that was Star Trek in Darkness and now I’m honored to be joining in on creating my take on Guillermo de Toro’s new Robot vs Monster piece: PACIFIC RIM!  Its honestly been years since I’ve been so excited to see a movie. Most of the time I skip movies at the theaters cause I don’t like crowds and with things like VOD and downloading, people like me tend to opt for convenience rather than the real deal full immersion escapism only the theaters can seem to bring. The missing element? Hype! Hype that gets you off your lazy ass, Hype that makes you fork over the price of 15 dollars when everyone is trying to save money, HYPE that makes you bear the crowds, pay way too much for popcorn and pit your friends against other packs of friends for a row of seats at a 10:30 pm opening night screening.

When I first watched the Pacific Rim trailer months ago I remember showing all my buddies and going “OHH SHIETT!! we are going to see this!!!” I remember playing the trailer to them on my phone and telling people about it like I was getting a commission on their ticket! Something triggered in me, it was like all my childhood memories of watching giant robot / monster movies /cartoons were suddenly firing on all cylinders. Its what Beliebers feel when they scream at concerts, bawling uncontrollably! Its what triggers sports fan to scream at the screen during the playoffs!  Its that excitable spark that I knew I would have to keep buried deep inside and look at time to time.

Months passed so when I approached Blurppy’s Don Thompson about joining the Poster Posse on upcoming projects he asked if I would be interested in the next project…PACIFIC RIM! I wrote a simple two word reply “HELLL YAH!!!” Putting all my bread and butter projects on hold I quickly dove in head first. As a professional illustrator you often have to gauge your hourly rate and budgets etc. and try not to spend too many hours when its not necessary. THIS HOWEVER WAS NOT ABOUT MONEY! this was about appeasing that spark that the first trailer started months ago.

Its an awesome feeling, when you do something and you don’t care about whether you’re being paid for it, whether you get exposure for it or whether you get kudos, you do it cause you LOVE IT!  that’s it!  and sometimes that produces your best work! Regardless of anyone’s opinion this time around.. haha I’m proud of my two pieces (something I don’t always feel as a self loathing artist), and not only that by previewing or mentioning the pieces I’m doing, I got my friends / fans ( Shameless Plugs Facebook / Twitter) hyped about the movie as well so guess who and a huge crowd a peeps are going to see it opening night? ( This is the kind of micro sphere of influence “gold” ad execs have been trying to mine for years.) So thanks to Guillermo, Travis Beacham (writer), Legendary, WB, all the crazy artists and hundreds if not thousands involved in what sure is to be a masterpiece in my eyes! thanks for bringing out the kid in me all over again. Cause DAMN it feels good!

This being tribute fan art as such and not official or anything! Prints will NOT be available for purchase, but regardless don’t let that damper the mood! I’ve provided a larger preview to check out the detail, and so I present to you my two pieces for the Blurppy “Pacific Rim” project and don’t forget to get off your lazy ass come July 12th and go watch it!

Legend Has It  (click on image for full big preview)

Inspired by Japanese wood block prints this plays on the Asian lores of Monsters and Onis, not to mention that Guillermo mentioned that the ocean (drawn from influences like Hokusai’s The Big Wave”) is the third character in the water battle scenes of the movie.


NEON HONG KONG   (click on image for full big preview)

This color palette comes from the neon/pink/blue/yellow signs from the trailer, when the epic fight between Otachi and Gipsy danger takes place in the streets of Hong Kong. ( A city I’m quite familiar with) Though the Kaiju was added later after way too many hours had already been put in, (an internal dilemma pushed further of it not being quite done without a Kaiju) the Jaeger dragging the oil tanker ship… C’mon! Best trailer scene ever! :D


Close Up 1


Close Up 2


Daft Punk “Legacy”

For the release of the newest album by French Duo Daft Punk, Gauntlet Gallery hosted ReDiscovery an art tribute show to the great musicians. Being a huge fan of them growing up I  jumped at the chance to create my piece “Legacy” The piece is now available in 50 limited edition prints or 10 stretched canvas at Gauntlet Gallery HERE


Giant Robot Poster

I kinda believe art is something that should be shared with everyone and not always exclusive to those who can afford it. If I could give my art away all the time, and still afford to live, I’d love it! but sometimes when you team up with the right people they can make things come true. So here is my give back to my fans and supporters and hopefully some new fans!  The peeps at have offered to print/ship my art to my fans in exchange for a like on their facebook page, that’s it!  anyone who does so gets a free poster sent to them. Check HERE for the details, while supplies last (only available in Canada and US)


Does Boba Fett live to see the day in the next Star Wars?? We demand it as fans!! :D BELIEVE!!

Kobayashi Porcelain

For Gallery 1988′s Product Placement show opening on March 9th at Melrose East, The premise was to create an ad for a made up product that only existed in movie land. This was my first foray into screen printing so alot of things to learn. This is an ad for Kobayashi Porcelain inspired of course by one of my favorite movies of all time “The Usual Suspects.” This is 3 color screen print with an edition size of 60. If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll understand this ad, if not What the hell are you waiting for? Do it!!

Check Gallery 1988 for for show details.

UPDATE: (March 6) I only just received my APs and there seems to be an extra ink imperfection on the print from the printer, I believe it maybe on some of the prints, so in lieu of that I’ve contacted the gallery and am dropping the price of my standard $35 down 5 bucks and it will be on sale for $30. Not to shabby especially since this is a larger then usual piece by me at 16″ by 20″. Enjoy! and go watch the movie! and if you’ve seen it go watch it again!  its on Netflix!



Marvel: Liquid Deadpool

Here is my new piece for Marvel featuring the infamous and quick witted Deadpool character. Called Liquid Deadpool this piece uses cues from the my Dark Knight piece using light lines to carve out the shape of main character. Its available in Men’s Tees at

Hasbro’s MLP Varsity Collection

I had the privilege of working with Mighty Fine to create a series of Varsity themed sports logo styled pieces for Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise. Available in Tees and Hoodies be sure to get one for the Brony in your life HERE

“20 Seconds to Comply” for the Bottleneck Gallery’s Gizmos and Gadget

“20 seconds to Comply” edition of 30 Giclee prints available HERE 

“The Buzz” Judd Apatow Tribute Show at Gallery 1988 Melrose

When we were given the assignment to do a tribute to comedy creator Judd Apatow, It was hard to pick a favorite movie/show/characters so I decided to create a somewhat of a medley in An homage to “The Gossips” ( by the American artist Norman Rockwell. As an artist who defined the american landscape of his time, Apatow did with how he shaped the comedic landscape today. Below is the full piece and some closer previews. 20 limited edition Giclee prints will be available at Gallery 1988  GET IT NOW 

Artist Notes: This was quite the intense piece since it involved 30 seperate portraits  (2 of the person) and what was hard was picking and choosing who would be included and who not. Maybe someday I’ll make a EXTENDED version adding others of my fav members of Team Apatow: Jay Barachul, Martin Starr etc.

Star Wars’ Boba Rover T shirt now available

Another fun project with Mighty Fine: A Lucas films licensed t shirt Boba Rover. Went for a cute look with Boba Fett, almost SD and kawaii style Available here in men’s tees


The Legendary Kingdom of Bowser for Gallery 1988 Venice The Old School Video Game Show Level 2

For Gallery 1988‘s Venice The Old School Video Game Show Level 2 opening Oct 26th 2012 I created The Legendary Kingdom of Bowser. The piece is inspired by a mix of tibetan art and asian styling. Someday I think I’d love to make this into a rug :D  20 limited edition giclees will be available for purchase at the opening and online the day after at Gallery 1988, meanwhile like me on Facebook for the latest updates on my work.

Bottleneck Gallery’s “Can’t Beat Em, Join Em: Zombie Show”

Opening October 5, is Bottleneck Gallery’s “Can’t Beat Em, Join Em: The Zombie Show” I decided to create a piece that exploited my greatest fear in a Zombie Apocalypse, “swarming!” There really isn’t any zombie game or movie where you don’t see some victims meet their end overcome by a strong wave of zombies. Where they lack in brain function they make up in numbers and pure blood lust. :) So as an homage to an iconic piece of art history (Can you guess which one?)  I present to you. “The Final Big Wave” 20 Show edition giclees will be available for purchase at 35 dollars each. Portion of the sale will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Mighty Fine x Sho

Its been a great working with a lot of great licenses with Mighty Fine so please check out the current round up of my work with Marvel and Hasbro. Here you can get some of my latest pieces in Tees and Art prints!