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Kobayashi Porcelain

For Gallery 1988′s Product Placement show opening on March 9th at Melrose East, The premise was to create an ad for a made up product that only existed in movie land. This was my first foray into screen printing so alot of things to learn. This is an ad for Kobayashi Porcelain inspired of course by one of my favorite movies of all time “The Usual Suspects.” This is 3 color screen print with an edition size of 60. If you’ve seen the movie then you’ll understand this ad, if not What the hell are you waiting for? Do it!!

Check Gallery 1988 for for show details.

UPDATE: (March 6) I only just received my APs and there seems to be an extra ink imperfection on the print from the printer, I believe it maybe on some of the prints, so in lieu of that I’ve contacted the gallery and am dropping the price of my standard $35 down 5 bucks and it will be on sale for $30. Not to shabby especially since this is a larger then usual piece by me at 16″ by 20″. Enjoy! and go watch the movie! and if you’ve seen it go watch it again!  its on Netflix!



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