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The moniker “No Small Victories” comes from the recognition of the many highs and lows that one goes through when they choose a profession/lifestyle that is off the beaten track. The act of creation (regardless of discipline) may offer the greatest sense of liberation but can often be isolating and private. To be bold enough to share it with the world and feel worth in your contribution is an ongoing struggle that most will endure. By stepping back and recognizing the gains (victories!) rather than losses through the many forms of rejection or negative experiences we encounter, we can combat insecurities and focus on creating the artistic significance we wish to achieve for ourselves.

Samuel Ho “Sho” is a traveling salesman with nothing but a well kept collection of hats and an insatiable desire to create. A designer by profession and artist by heart, he has had his hands in designing websites, fashion lines, books, athletic shoes, diamond jewelry, accessories, exhibits, interiors, furniture and many other things. He learned his skills by working the designer circuit in Manhattan, NY and was inspired to take up illustration from his roommates in Brooklyn. Blurring the line between fine art and innovative commercial work, Sho has refused to pledge to just one discipline of design so he continues to take on multi-faceted projects. As an illustrator his work is featured in pop art galleries in New York, LA, San Francisco and Paris.

He is also the co-founder of the innovative industrial furniture/interior design firm called Palette Industries which has received great international acclaim. His work is the manifestation of the many ventures and influences that he surrounds himself with.


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